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About us

We help people lead healthier lives

  • Supportive

    We offer help that is personal to every participant’s needs.

  • Effective

    We achieve what we say we will.

  • Inclusive

    We respect everybody’s abilities, backgrounds and communities.

  • Responsive

    We embrace challenges and opportunities to make a difference.

  • Clinically Credible

    We are serious about what we do and rely on evidence and expertise.

Our values

We believe that acting in accordance with our values ensures we provide outstanding quality across all of our services.

Our values guide our work and enable us to fulfil our mission of helping people to lead healthier lives.

We are fair, open and honest We take ownership We work together

Our background

We are part of the REED Group of companies, along with Reed in Partnership, and REED Specialist Recruitment.

We effectively work for charity one day a week, with 18% of the REED Group owned by the REED Foundation.

The REED Foundation has provided seed funding for a number of charities, including Ethiopiaid, Womankind and Women at Risk. Founded by Sir Alec Reed in 2007, the Big Give has helped to raise over £100 million for UK-registered charities.

We started delivering our services in 2015.

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