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Our approach

Providing knowledge and support

Our approach has proven that, with the right knowledge and support, individuals can make sustainable change that will have a positive impact on their health.

Providing individuals and families with this knowledge and support is imperative for reducing incidence of disease and other health complications.

Our services are developed in partnership with NHS England, CCGs, local authorities, employers and community organisations. They complement existing healthcare systems and deliver impactful and cost-effective intervention for those who need it most.

Five Principles of Our Approach

  • Achieving Sustainable Change

    We work with experts in the fields of psychology, nutrition, physical activity and other lifestyle risk factors to help people make sustainable change.

  • Personalising Support

    We address individual needs and maximise outcomes through fun and interactive interventions that are evidenced based and outcome driven.

  • Being Responsive and Innovative

    Our services reflect the latest in health awareness and clinical guidance and use innovative tools and solutions for engagement and delivery.

  • Localising delivery

    We place our services in the heart of communities, giving people access to convenient support through self-help, online resources and individual and group delivery.

  • Working in Partnership

    We work closely with commissioners and local public, private and voluntary organisations to provide integrated services. Our approach has already enabled us to help thousands of people across the country improve their health.