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Clinical Assurance

Evidence-based quality assurance

Our Clinical Governance approach draws on the experience of experts in psychology, nutrition, physical activity and other lifestyle risk factors.

Our Clinical Leads provide quality assurance across all our interventions. These are evidence-based and developed to comply with all key NICE and Public Health England guidelines. We underpin all of our support with proven behaviour change best practice, theory and techniques, including NICE PH49 patient-centred principles and the COM-B Behaviour Change Framework.

We apply proportionate universalism to our intervention development and involve service users for feedback and design co-production.

Our Specialist interventions are guided by appropriate frameworks, for example:

  • Our Smoking Cessation intervention is NCSCT Standard Treatment Programme compliant

  • Our coaches are certified NCSCT Practitioners.

  • We adhere to key NICE and PHE guidelines

  •  graphic


    Successful four week quit smoking attempts

  •  graphic


    Total weight loss by all adult weight management participants

  •  graphic


    Average weight lost by weight management participants