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  1. Better Health Quit Smoking Stoke-On-Trent

    1 Oct 2021

    New service will help smokers quit for good

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  2. Robert avoids developing Type 2 diabetes with the help of NDPP

    23 Sep 2021

    NHS programme helps change behaviour and lifestyle

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  3. Low Calorie Diet Programme helps put diabetes into remission

    13 Jul 2021

    Nadeem described being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes as "a wake-up call."

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  4. Managing change and stress

    16 Feb 2021

    Free webinar from Reed Wellbeing will help you understand and deal with change

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  5. Low Calorie Diet Programme launches

    23 Sep 2020

    New service will help individuals tackle a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis

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  6. Check your Type 2 diabetes risk today

    3 Aug 2020

    Every two minutes someone find out that they have Type 2 diabetes. Are you at risk?

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