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Fatigue in the Care sector

22 Feb 2022

There’s no denying that the last few years have been perhaps the most difficult in the history of the Care sector.

In “normal” times providing care for those most in need is a challenge – from staff shortages and funding concerns, to increased compliance and regulatory issues that require constant review with updating of processes and ways of working.

And this was before a once in a hundred-year pandemic that hit the health and social care sector especially hard.

The feedback we have received from within the Care sector has identified that there are still significant challenges that are on-going and require urgent action – especially around how the last two years has impacted on individual care givers.

Fatigue” is the most commonly used term we hear from employers when describing how their staff feel at this moment.

People are tired.

Carers have been working flat-out for so long now and this is manifesting itself in a variety of ways, with low morale, employees leaving the sector and an increase in personal issues that reflect the pressure staff are under for example, increased smoking, weight gain and mental health issues.

At Reed Wellbeing we are in constant communication with care providers, working to understand the many and varied challenges they face every day.

We work with employers to resolve the issues affecting their staff and provide off-the-shelf and bespoke programmes that improve individual employee circumstances, with one-to-one and group support that identifies and addresses problems, leading to improved employee health and wellbeing.

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