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NDPP - COVID-19 update

23 Mar 2020

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak Reed Wellbeing is making changes to its delivery of the Diabetes Prevention Programme: Healthier You.

Following discussions with NHS England and our partners we are taking steps to ensure that sessions of the programme continue, while adhering to the government’s advice on social distancing to help limit the spread of coronavirus.

From Monday 23 March 2020 all Healthier You sessions will be delivered to participants by video conferencing. We are confident that this will enable us to maintain existing levels of support and guidance to those using our service.

Details will be sent out to all participants ahead of their next planned session. We aim to have our delivery calendar rebooked and updated within in the next 10 days.

We want to ensure that as many people as possible still have access to the programme but are aware that some participants may face access issues or prefer not to take part digitally. Where this is the case, we will discuss delivery options and develop plans to ensure they still benefit from the programme content and advice and guidance from our Health Coaches. Some face to face delivery may still be available, where appropriate.

Participants are also able to make use of our partnership with Second Nature to access self-guided and community support through their app.

Our management and delivery teams will be in touch with all new and existing participants to discuss the changes. If you have questions or queries please contact our Support Team on 0800 092 1191.

Please keep up to date with all the government’s recommendations and guidance for limiting the spread of coronavirus at