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Our services

  • Healthier You

    We have been commissioned by NHS England to deliver the NHS DPP in several areas across the country.

    The service is a behaviour change programme designed to help people identified as at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes to prevent disease onset.

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  • NHS Low Calorie Diet

    The NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme is a 12 month programme that supports people with diagnosed Type 2 diabetes.

    Participants receive support to lose weight by controlling their calorie intake and help with behaviour change techniques - with the aim of trying to put their diabetes into remission.

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  • One You Haringey is an integrated lifestyle service that supports local adult residents to address a range of health issues through a single access point.

    We help participants develop a Health and Wellbeing Plan, based on an assessment of their current health and lifestyle. We then provide them with access to a range of interventions that help them improve their health.

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  • One You Cheshire East provides a seven of integrated health and lifestyle interventions, including family weight management, maternal health and falls prevention.

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  • One You Leeds has been commissioned by Leeds City Council to provide an integrated and easy-to-access option for residents to address a range of lifestyle issues.

    Our service is delivered in partnership with Jamie’s Ministry of Food and Zest.

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