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Our support

Effective health interventions

Our clinical development expertise means we are able to produce new or bespoke interventions that support the aims of commissioners and our participants.

We can also adapt the way an intervention is provided – whether on- or offline or for individuals or groups – and its length, including brief interventions through to long-term behavioural adjustment programmes.

Our interventions can be brought together into a fully integrated health and wellbeing service or delivered individually.

Our Interventions

  • Adult Weight Management

    Helping people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight in a safe and sustainable way.
    Our evidence based NICE/PHE-compliant 12 week programme supports them to gradually build key weight loss and management behaviours into their daily lives.

  • Adult Smoking Cessation

    Supporting participants through a quit attempt using a combination of behaviour change techniques and pharmacotherapy. Our support is adaptable to the needs of priority groups including pregnant women, manual workers and people with mental health conditions.

  • Cooking Skills

    Improving people’s ability to prepare healthy recipes, within a budget, for themselves and their families.
    Our support incorporates best proactive healthy eating advice and guidance, including the Eatwell Guide. It includes healthy recipes that reflect cultural and community diversity and enables individuals and groups to make long-term dietary changes.

  • Diabetes Prevention

    Providing Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention programme to people identified as at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
    Our multi-component, interactive group programme supports participants to eliminate or reduce Type 2 risk by achieving a healthy body weight, reducing sedentary behaviour and meeting NHS guidance’s on physical activity.

  • Family Weight Management

    Support for children and young people alongside their family members or carers.
    A non-diet approach and lifestyle change goals are built into a family action plan. Parents and guardians receive coaching and advice that helps them to adopt healthy eating and activity strategies with their families.

  • Falls Prevention

    Supporting older people to reduce their risk and fear of falling through an evidence-based, personalised programme of strength and balance training.
    Our support is designed to improve participants’ wellbeing, as well as their ability to self-care and age well.

  • Health Checks

    Spotting early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes or dementia and reducing risk through support.
    This support includes brief advice on the risks and implications of these serious health conditions and the benefits of making lifestyle changes, easy access to healthy lifestyle support and signposting to other local services for additional support.

  • Healthy Eating

    Increasing people’s understanding of nutrition and how to make better decisions about what and when they eat and drink.
    Our support helps them address barriers to healthy behaviours and make sustainable changes to their diet, alcohol consumption and energy intake.

  • Increasing Physical Activity

    Exercise sessions and information, advice and guidance on reducing sedentary behaviour.
    Our evidence based intervention is inclusive of all abilities, ages and cultures. It helps people select and set goals around physical activities that best match their interests, needs and abilities.

  • Maternal Health

    Support pregnant women and new mothers to protect their health and that of their children by quitting smoking, maintaining a safe level of moderate physical activity and eating healthily.
    Our support complements that of midwives/health visitors working with our participants.

  • Reducing Alcohol Consumption

    Increasing understanding of the effects of drinking.
    We provide sensitive, personalised support to motivate and equip those at risk to achieve and maintain lower-risk drinking levels.