Health & Wellbeing Coaches from the service held events promoting the launch throughout February in Macclesfield, Crewe and Knutsford.

Reducing health risks

The service is helping to tackle some alarming statistics around the health of Cheshire East residents. In 2016/17, nearly 6 in ten people from the area were classed as overweight or obese, and almost a quarter (22.1%) reported doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week. Smoking prevalence in Cheshire East is recorded as 16.4% - higher than England’s overall rate of 14.9%. And in 2017/18, there were 2,041 emergency admissions for falls in residents aged 65+ in Cheshire East. 504 residents aged 65+ sustained a hip fracture.

One You Cheshire East will provide integrated, expert support to help people lose weight, be more physically active and quit smoking. Additional support is also available for pregnant women both during and after pregnancy and the help older residents who may be at risk of falling to increase their strength.

Reed Wellbeing’s local partners were welcomed to the series of launch events alongside residents and community groups.

The main aim of the service is to help people lead healthier lives - whether it’s losing weight or being more active for example. It’s wonderful to see people’s mindset change, and their health improve, after just a few months on the programme.

Ellis Clews

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Stand Strong

One of the new services offered is Stand Strong which helps improves people’s posture, balance and muscle strength to reduce the likelihood of falling for elderly people.

I’m working with a part of the community that I believe really deserve help to reduce their fear and risk of falling. I want give them the confidence to get out and about within their community.

Kev Pack

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Reed Wellbeing is delivering One You Cheshire East on behalf of Cheshire East Council.

Visit or call 0808 164 3202 to find out more about the service.