Helping people quit for good

As we help people explore the impact of their smoking, their habits, motivations and triggers, we empower them to create personalised stop-smoking plans.

Alongside this, we teach coping mechanisms to manage side effects and withdrawal symptoms. We also help people adopt effective techniques for coping with stress, weight gain, mindfulness and managing triggers to make it easier to quit for good.

Alongside behaviour change, our health coaches offer effective treatment options, a combination proven to be three times more effective than simply going ‘cold turkey’.

We’ve successfully adapted the programme to help vulnerable people stop smoking, including pregnant women and people with moderate to severe mental health conditions.

To see what our programmes can look like in practice, visit:

Be Smoke Free | One You Cheshire East
Be Smoke Free | Leeds Stop Smoking
Quit Smoking Stoke-on-Trent
Stop Smoking Service | Essex Wellbeing Service


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