Taking action to reduce risk

We are experienced at providing NHS Health Checks at a large-scale in local communities and workplaces, including identifying and engaging those who would most benefit.

A free check-up of overall health, the check can help identify whether someone is at higher risk of getting certain health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and dementia.

It’s available to people aged 40-74 who have not already been diagnosed with one of these conditions.

How NHS Health Checks work

NHS Health Checks usually take around 20 minutes to complete and are offered in person by a trained Health Check Practitioner, who will:

  1. Measure height, weight and blood pressure

  2. Ask simple lifestyle and family history questions

  3. Take a small sample of blood from the fingertip to check cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

People receive their results immediately, including a cardiovascular disease risk score, which is an estimate of how likely the person is to get heart disease or have a stroke in the next 10 years. They’ll also find out their risk of developing kidney disease and Type 2 diabetes.

The higher the risk score, the more likely they are to develop one of these illnesses.

Depending on the score, advice, guidance and signposting is offered to lower risk through simple lifestyle changes.

To see what our programmes can look like in practice, visit:

NHS Health Checks | Essex
NHS Health Checks | Norfolk