Getting people moving

Our fully inclusive programmes support people to become more physically active, especially those who haven’t exercised before or haven’t been active for a long time.

Alongside this, our strength and balance programmes help older adults stand and move more confidently, reducing their risk of falling.

Whether face-to-face or online, participants receive an initial assessment and information session, free classes and personalised support. The focus is on low-impact activities that best match their interests, needs and abilities, such as low-impact circuit training, body conditioning and walking.

We also offer outdoor local walking groups, an excellent opportunity for people to be more active while meeting new people. Participants can access training to become Walk Leaders.

The Move More programme

Move More is our signature 12-week group programme and has been designed around introducing four key areas of physical fitness:

  • Energy – to strengthen the heart and lungs

  • Shape – to strengthen the core and improve balance

  • Build – to build muscle and strength

  • Functional – to support functional ability and movement

To see what these programmes can look like in practice, visit:

Move More | One You Cheshire East

Strength and Balance Training

Our strength and balance training programmes help older people improve strength, balance and posture – improving mobility and confidence and reducing fear of falling.

Every participant receives a screening assessment followed by a personalised plan and support from one of our coaches. We concentrate on exercises that improve muscle strength, balance and mobility, so people can get about safely and remain independent.

These programmes are inclusive of all abilities, cultures and circumstances and can be done both standing and seated.

To see what our programmes can look like in practice, visit:

Stand Strong | One You Cheshire East

Our impact...


Have lost 3% of their body weight


Have improved their levels of physical activity


Total weight lost