13 Oct, 2022


  • Rob completed the NDPP

  • He's changed his diet and lifestyle

  • He's reduced his risk of Type 2 diabetes

The challenge…

Robert joined the NDPP programme after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic - at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes - following a blood check with his GP. This came as a shock to Robert as believed he had been leading a healthy lifestyle, with a good exercise and diet regime.

Our support…

Robert wanted to ensure that it was his diet and lifestyle choices that prevented him developing Type 2 Diabetes rather than relying on medication. The course was perfect for him since it incorporated both reading material and teaching modules about behavioural changes which he could make as part of his everyday routine.

He was matched with an expert Health Coach who met him for regular sessions to give him guidance on how to implement what he learnt and also give tips on how to maintain his lifestyle changes.

The programme helped Robert learn how to make healthier eating decisions, be more physically active and better understanding the impact of our lifestyles on our health.

The coach guided me through a structured approach at each session, and I have learned something new and worthwhile at each one. The regular sessions with the coach inspired confidence in me that I am focusing on the key priorities to enable me to avoid developing Type 2 Diabetes.

What happened…

As part of the course, Robert set his own realistic targets, so he could continue the course at his own pace after each session. His Health Coach helped support and motivate him to achieve these goals.

Through these goals, he was able to reflect on his own personal success after each month during the nine month course.

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