15 Sep, 2022


  • Jessica was supported to lose a stone

  • She’s eating healthily and exercising more

  • She’s on track to reduce her blood pressure

The challenge…

Jessica was struggling with high blood pressure and polycystic ovaries. Her GP suggested that both her blood pressure and hormone levels could improve if she lost weight. Although nervous about being part of a group, she decided to join Reed Wellbeing's 12 week weight management group programme at her local community centre.

Our support…

Jessica found the group to be non-judgmental, welcoming and supportive, and she enjoyed listening to others and sharing ideas for weight loss.

Through the sessions, she learned new ways to deal with stress rather than turning to comfort eating. She also learned how to deal with cravings and plan her weekly meals with lots of new ideas for healthy eating.

I feel really proud of sticking to the programme. I have changed my whole mindset and outlook on life. My activity levels and confidence have increased, and I feel more comfortable in my clothes now than before.

What happened…

Jessica lost over a stone in 12 weeks and is feeling the benefits. She can now walk upstairs without feeling breathless, and get up from a chair more easily. Everyday life now feels easier.

In her own words, “The course has really helped me. I’ve tried to lose weight before, but this time I’ve felt supported by others and that’s kept me going. I know if I get stuck or need extra help in the future, I can give the team a call at any time for that support.”

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