15 Sep, 2022


  • Luisa has learned more about healthy eating and exercise

  • She’s lost over a stone in weight

  • She’s exercising more and has more confidence

The challenge…

Luisa had tried every diet under the sun for over 30 years and came on the programme hoping for guidance on losing weight. She said, 'I wanted to get motivated and educated and meet people in a similar situation to me.'

Our support…

Luisa joined a one-hour Reed Wellbeing group session on Zoom every week with Naomi, our Health Coach, as the leader.

Each week the group talked about a different subject, linked to being healthy and losing weight. Naomi’s friendly and knowledgeable support, and encouragement from other group members, made it an enjoyable and motivating experience for Luisa.

The group of women were lovely and supportive, and we all shared tips and encouraged each other. A real bonding experience with a brilliant leader.

What happened…

Luisa has lost over a stone in weight. She says she’s gaining confidence and is now moving and exercising more. Luisa feels that the course has educated her on a healthier lifestyle, which she is now adopting.

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