All-in-one health support for your employees

Protecting employee wellbeing is something most employers care about, and it offers significant business benefits too.

Happier, healthier people are more productive and engaged, so it’s no surprise that improving workplace wellbeing has been shown to lower absence and improve morale. (CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work report, 2018)

The challenge for HR teams is often knowing where to start and what to focus on. How do you know who needs the most support and how to support them in a way that works?

We’d love to show you how.

Let’s design your strategy

Speak to an expert

We’ll explore your goals and challenges with you to understand the unique health challenges facing your workforce. We’ll share what’s worked for others and suggest what may work for you.

Analyse your situation

Any strategy needs to be informed by evidence. We help you understand your workplace health trends and risk factors. Our analysis will ensure that we develop a strategy that meets the needs of you and your workforce.

Implement the right strategy, the right way

We’ll help you design a clinically credible and personalised workplace wellbeing strategy. Then we’ll collaborate with you to implement it in a way that meets your needs – online or offline, group or individual sessions, one-off events or ongoing coaching.

High-energy health events

Ready to energise your workplace?

Whether it’s a wellness workshop or drop-in day to raise awareness for Stoptober, our workplace events are fun, interactive and proven to work.

You’ll get the benefit of one of our expert Health Coaches running activities, quizzes, challenges, myth-busting and physical activities. Informative, clinically approved materials will help inspire change long after the event is over.

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Ready to make your workplace healthier?

We have experience of making a positive difference to businesses and actively improving their employee health. Talk to us today.

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